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Apostle Paul’s Wreck           George Bush Wreck           Infidel         Le Scipion          Messerschmitt Bf109           Messerschmitt Me323    Oliveira e Carmo     Reiyo Maru    Vienna     Zambeze     1715 Fleet III

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Fokker S6         Francisco Morazan         George M. Cox       Jana’s Wreck         Mikhail Lermontov
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USS North Carolina

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USS San Diego Pocket Watch        Ghost Fleet in the St Clair River

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Presque Isle Shipwrecks        Robert J. Walker

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Azores        Eros       Guadalcanal Part 2        HMHS Britannic      Shipwrecks of the Egyptian Red Sea      Tacoma
The Washington

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Daniel J. Morrell        Ferndale and Parat       Josephine Willis       Marcella      Palau Revisited     

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WDM recently visited Bermuda for the first time and fell in love with it.  It was a short plane ride from our east coast home, yet it was like being in another world.  We have no excuses for not visiting Bermuda earlier, but we plan to go back as often as possible.  The island was really many islands, and they were absolutely beautiful. Plus, there are an estimated 400 shipwrecks surrounding Bermuda, which makes Bermuda and new favorite place!  Check out issue 27 for an article from WDM about the wrecks of Bermuda!